Charleston Women Summer 2024

54 | | training, small group classes, yoga, recovery and holistic care. “I have always been around wellness and fitness throughout my life. When I created Longevity, I wanted to create a place where we offer different styles of training. What has worked for Longevity, is people are starting to see the importance of cross training.” Brooks also believes there is room for everyone. “Competition is healthy, but I’m happy to see more wellness facilities opening in Charleston. Only 40 percent of the population participate in wellness, so, there is always room to grow your practice.” JULIE ALLEN, onsite spa owner Tranquility Day Spa, owned by Julie Allen, located in the Park Circle area is the place for body, facial and wellness treatments. “The wellness revolution has been coming for a while. The pandemic really put a spotlight on the whole picture. It’s not only fitness but mind, body and soul,” Allen said, shedding light on her reason for becoming a player in the wellness game. And though she had the best reason, she knew it would take more than reason. It would take bravery and confidence. “Being a business owner is terrifying in knowing you are the sole provider. You do everything. You don’t get any loans being a small business owner until year two or three into the business. You truly step into your own power. I had to force myself to be the person I needed to be. I stepped into the spotlight,” Allen added. Sometimes that is the best advice of all. The documents, forms and legalities will be a google away. However, no one will pull you into the limelight. The first step is likely jumping right in. Charleston Women in Wellness Our mission is to deliver the best possible dental care for infants, children, teens and kids with special healthcare needs. Appointments are fun and easy. Smiles are contagious. Our team are experts at gentle visits. We teach healthy habits. 843-771-2003 | 852 Orangeburg Rd, Summerville, SC 29483