Charleston Women Summer 2024

51 | | Women’s health is at the forefront of many of our minds. Without our health, our other goals are moot. We feel it is important to both educate women in our area on the latest in wellness, as well as to celebrate the women leading the charge. This section aims to highlight health issues of particular relevance to women, opportunities that improve the overall wellness of female populations and community leaders that work to enhance the health profiles of those around them. In the pages to follow, you will find profiles and advice from local physicians, stories about women finding new ways to improve public health and suggestions on how to ignite your commitment to physical fitness. Above all, Charleston Women in Wellness is about promoting the health of our readers. We want our girl bosses, moms, community leaders and supporters to feel the best they can feel. We want them to keep crushing goals, building others up and accomplishing anything they set their minds to. We want people to think of a woman thriving, not just surviving, when they envision the Charleston woman. We are so excited to share the journey with you and hope that you will grab your sneakers and your positive mindsets and join the multi-terrain hike to healthy living alongside us. Charleston Women in Wellness Start with Self Now is the time to equip individuals, leaders and teams with self-awareness, emotional intelligence and resilience. The time to act is now because the future starts tomorrow. Melinda (Mindy) Finholm Morris, SHRM-CP Owner & Life Coach We’re coming in hot - here to bring a new, innovative upbeat experience to the James Island community. it’s a workout. it’s a family. it’s intense. it’s fun. it’s dancing on a bike. ride. roll. repeat. Real Estate as we know it today definitely requires a strategy to move in the marketplace. From interest rates to low inventory, having the expertise of a real estate agent that can not only provide you with a plan of action but also help you to achieve your real estate goals, is a win for you! PROVIDING AN OPULENT EXPERIENCE TO HOMEOWNERSHIP. SC & GA licensed Realtor & Wine Consultant Dominique Jefferson, REALTOR® “The Luxe Experience” 912-844-3880