Charleston Women Summer 2024

39 | | time and the ability to structure her business around her life, not her life around a traditional work schedule. Embracing a hybrid office model, Singleton oscillates between her kitchen table or home office and AC Studio, a content creation space where she houses her photography equipment. Working with businesses, as well as families and couples, offers variety to Singleton’s days and she recognizes the value of the work she does for each of her clients. “I help businesses and brands look good, feel good, build strong foundations and grow,” she said. “I also get to help families and lovers savor and save so many moments and memories. That’s priceless.” To aspiring work-from-home entrepreneurs, Singleton says to stop focusing on what could go wrong and start getting excited about all that could go right. “Regret lasts forever; fear is temporary,” she said. “Break past fear and live.” ANDREA SERRANO: stylist, producer and content creator Andrea Serrano began her career in fashion in the early 90’s in Miami and New York City where she assisted celebrity stylists working on major ad campaigns for brands like Victoria’s Secret, Levi’s, GAP and Tommy Hilfiger. She styled for marquee names like Jennifer Lopez, Prince, The Rock, Janet Jackson, the cast of Sex in the City, Cindy Crawford and Christie Brinkley. “When I first started out, I had a really great mentor who not only taught me how to be the best stylist, but also how to operate on set,” she reflected. “Working with different personalities can be stressful, but you have to keep your cool and be composed.” She went on to develop her own clientele with major brands, including Maybelline, L’Oreal, Nautica and more, before moving to Charleston in 2004 and eventually running a business from home as a freelance stylist and blogger. “My content covers fashion, food, travel, home décor and family,” she said. “Over the past few years, I have leaned into the producer role and helped brands conceptualize shoots, hire the creative team and talent and art direct on set. I also enjoy hosting branded events in Charleston with various hotel partners.” Serrano’s home office is in the den, at her desk overlooking the yard. On beautiful days, she’ll take her work out onto the front porch to soak in the sunshine with her laptop nearby. “The benefits of working from home are endless. Zero commute. I can work in my yoga gear; I can take breaks to walk my dog and I can get chores done around the house so I can have my weekends free.” Creative and scheduling freedom are what Serrano loves most about running her own business. However, giving back is another one of Serrano’s values. “I believe as a business owner you have to give back, whether it’s to your community or in mentoring the next generation,” she shared. “When I truly found my purpose, I understood that styling people is a way to build confidence and connect with them on a deeper level. There is a level of trust when you are working with someone in an intimate space and being able to make them feel beautiful from the inside out is my soul purpose. Combining passion and purpose is the ultimate achievement as an entrepreneur.” Setting aside a designated workspace in your home and keeping it organized and clutter-free is Serrano’s advice for those interested in starting a business of their own. “Make sure you take a mental break, whether it’s a walk outside, meditation or exercise,” she added. “Mental breaks are necessary to get clarity on decisions and let inspiration pour in.” Charleston Women at Home Sirena Singleston captured by Josie Derrick Photography. Andrea Serrano works from home. Photo by The Aneris Collective.