Charleston Women Summer 2024

12 | | THE BEGINNING It feels like the things of urban legends. A 19th century book compiled by a group of adventurers looking for “the picturesque” in America resurfaced among an artlover, a photojournalist and cultural anthropologist and a women-owned production company, prompting a much-anticipated show — complete with a cast of vivid Charleston personalities — now airing on PBS. The show, “America: The Land We Live In,” cohosted by Sophia Michelen, the photojournalist and cultural anthropologist of the throng, is a show that aims to rediscover America’s national wonders on a modern-day quest to unveil mysteries, age-old legends and rich history. This is all shown against the bigger goal of reigniting exploration and conservation in the U.S. and the story is told through the lens of what became America’s first travel guide, a treasure itself, A BIG Production Women-owned company showcases Charleston on PBS BY LORNA HOLLIFIELD Hosts Scott “Doc” Varn and Sophia Michelen.