Charleston Women Winter 2022-23

28 www.Char l e s tonWomenPodcas t . com | www.ReadCW. com | www. Ins t ag ram. com /Char l e s tonWomen We often celebrate the amazing female entrepreneurs taking Charleston and surrounding areas by storm. Our pages are chock-full of real estate agents, retailers and everything in between. However, the more we dive into the many facets that make up the unique Charleston woman, the more we stumble upon women in artistic fields. The Holy City is beautiful—the beaches, the cuisine, the history, the architecture. It’s only natural that such a place would draw all sorts of creatives. Charleston is a city populated by hosts of painters, actors, writers, dancers and more, all who want to share their stories. Here are a few to keep on your radar! LAUREN ANDREU Lauren Andreu is a muralist and fine artist based just outside the Charleston area in Columbia, South Carolina. I first discovered Andreu’s work hanging in the Public Works Art Center in downtown Summerville last summer. The painting was a man and woman facing away from one another, the color very understated except for a bright orange fusion radiating between them. I don’t know that a painting has ever said so much with such simplicity. Andreu is a master of emotion. She uses color in a way that draws the eye to the story the painting wishes to tell, the main idea not only clear, but alluring. If you want to be absolutely moved, visit to discover more about this amazing South Carolina native. Watch Out for These Women in the Arts BY LORNA HOLL I F IELD Ar t by Sout h Carol ina’s Lauren Andreu. Charleston Women in Arts