Charleston Women Winter 2022-23

21 www.Char l e s tonWomenPodcas t . com | www.ReadCW. com | www. Ins t ag ram. com /Char l e s tonWomen Feature The humid Charleston nights have traded places with the cool salty breezes that dominate Lowcountry winters. Some mourn the sunny beach days of summer or the crisp park days of fall. However, these colder months bring the warmth of holiday cheer along with them to temper the sting. It starts with Thanksgiving, then rolls into Hanukkah, Christmas, the New Year and Valentine’s Day before it’s over. It is the season of giving, and that means finding perfect gifts for all the females in your life, whether it’s a family member, friend or significant other. Sometimes, the mind darts immediately to the extravagant gifts like jewelry or designer handbags—the gifts that can put a serious dent in the wallet. However, focusing on these other two “e” words might be the answer to the perfect gift. Those words are escape and experience. Give the gift of Escape A lot of women are busy ladies. Some are raising families. Some are running companies. Some are throwing themselves into charity work. Some are doing all of it. Others are going through personal or health issues. The perfect gift for women on the go can be just a little bit of “me time.” This gift could be as simple as a great mani/ pedi, or it could be an entire spa day. Some unique options could include a float in a saltwater tank at Glowspa in Mount Pleasant or a relaxing stretching session with a massage therapist (most spas offer this option). A great place to start research on the gift of escape is The Sanctuary at Kiawah. The women in your life will love the drive down Bohicket Road beneath the hanging moss to end up shoreside for a day of luxurious pampering, including endless amenities. If you want to stay a bit more budget-conscious, a Escape and Experience over Extravagance Top Gift Ideas for Her this Holiday Season BY LORNA HOLL I F IELD