Charleston Women Winter 2022-23

16 www.Char l e s tonWomenPodcas t . com | www.ReadCW. com | www. Ins t ag ram. com /Char l e s tonWomen There are certain types of leaders who just “get it.” They are the kind who plant trees where future generations will seek shade. They are the boots on the ground who make sure individual parts are turning to move the whole. They naturally look at the world as a place for “us” and not for “me.” These are the kind of people who keep the world not just spinning but functioning, who make sure society’s most basic needs are met. Dreamers have their place, but it isn’t here. These leaders are the doers, the foreseers and the ambassadors of production. This is the kind of leader Barbara Melvin, the newly named CEO of the South Carolina Ports Authority, has always been. The Greater Good Meet South Carolina Ports Authority CEO Barbara Melvin BY LORNA HOLL I F IELD PORT TIMELINE 1682 – Charles Towne established as port of entry for Carolina colony 1783 – International slave trade was a major component of Charles Towne’s port activity 1863 – Port activity and docks devastated during Civil War 1830 – Railway system established linking port of Charleston with inland markets 1897 – Jetties constructed at entrance to Charleston harbor 1882 – Columbus Street Terminal constructed 1942 – SCSPA established and assumed ownership of the port 1921 – Ownership of the port transferred from Charleston Terminal Company to City of Charleston 1966 – First containership arrived at Columbus Street terminal 1955 – Columbus Street terminal expanded to accommodate three ships Photos prov i ded.