Charleston Women Summer 2024

85 | | tell you what. I’ll send Charles.’ And you know, he came.” Edwards acknowledged, “It was a privilege to be in the governor’s mansion.” And she thinks every South Carolinian should visit it. “Take your child or daughter,” she urged. While living there, Edwards decided to tell the story of the mansion, and she co-authored the book, “The Governor’s Mansion of the Palmetto State” with South Carolina historians Walter Edgar, George C. Rogers, George Terry and Augustus T. Grayden in 1978. Another of Edward’s legacies is her effort to save the Mount Pleasant home of founding father, Charles Pinckney, from real estate development. “I was on the board of the Historic Charleston Foundation. We needed to raise money to buy it so we could develop it as a historic site. We had people — boy scouts and all — from throughout South Carolina donate. And I went to talk to the people in Washington about it. It is a wonderful place. It would be awful if we didn’t have that.” Edward’s has given back to Charleston area time and time again. However, she feels it is Charleston and her home in Mount Pleasant which keeps giving back to her. “One of the most wonderful things is I love where I live. I lived next door as a young girl and coming back, I try to walk a mile every day on my dock. I just marvel at the resources we have with nature right here and how wonderful it is. And I see the sunset and see the ships coming in. It’s just a privilege to live here in the village. I count it a real blessing.” Charleston Women in Philanthropy The SC Women’s Republican Caucus named Ann Edwards Woman of the Year in 2008, and in 2016, the S.C. Senate passed a resolution paying tribute to her for her many contributions to the state. | 280 W. Coleman Blvd Mount Pleasant | 843.881.1741 2024 ® at For Fashionable Tween Girls