Charleston Women Summer 2024

79 | | Did you know many nonprofit organizations in the area were founded by women? Charleston women love giving back to their communities. Sometimes in a place so lovely, with so much happiness, beauty and affluence, it’s easy to lose sight of those in need. Not everyone gets to enjoy a meal every time their stomach grumbles, much less on the Charleston foodie scene. Not everyone has a home, let alone one on a waterway or golf course. Not everyone enjoys great health, not to mention the stamina it takes to run the Ravenel or kayak the creeks. However, there are so many women in this town — gritty Southern women, caring transplants, leaders in business — who do see those needs and take steps to help. Those women who have enjoyed success might remember where they once were or are appreciative of their incredible blessings. They see other people struggling and feel motivated to make the positive changes needed for others to thrive. Though many charities and fundraisers seem like glitz and glamor, it isn’t what they are about. Glitz and glamor just show up because it’s in our bones here in the Lowcountry — we’re luxury with a little side of cornbread, and that’s never going to change. However, those events and those sponsors on the step-andrepeat banners represent more than a good time. There are people working tirelessly to bring a better life to families up and down our beautiful coast every day. That’s not glitz and glamor; that’s just heart. Enjoy these stories from your Lowcountry neighbors that will restore your faith in humanity — and then be inspired to join the efforts wherever your blessed little heart leads you. Charleston Women in Philanthropy