Charleston Women Summer 2024

73 | | atmosphere I’m creating. Charleston, in particular, has been my home for over two decades and provides endless inspiration. Which writers have influenced you? Do you “fan-girl”? I fan-girl other authors all the time. I’ve been fortunate enough to meet some of my biggest role models and I can barely manage to string together a coherent sentence. Some of my biggest influences include Gillian Flynn, Karin Slaughter, Tana French, Donna Tartt and Megan Abbott. What is your typical day? I start my day reading a few chapters of whatever book I’m currently reading; then I transition to whatever book I’m currently writing and re-read the sections I wrote the day before. Once I’m reacquainted, I spend several hours writing, often taking a break around midday to get outside, take my dog for a walk and get some exercise. I tend to feel my creativity waning around late afternoon, so I dedicate the end of the workday to catching up on emails, social media or interview questions — all the components of being a full-time author that aren’t writing-related. Once my husband gets home, I shut my laptop. What’s next? I’m working on my fourth book, which will be out in 2025! My husband and I are also welcoming our daughter this July, so we’re gearing up for some major changes. What advice do you have for women with “hard-to-get” dreams? Having a lofty dream is a vulnerable thing; it’s easy to feel silly when you want something more, but you’ll never know what else is out there unless you dare to go after it. I spent several years trying to get my first book published; I racked up over 100 agent rejections before I finally got my “yes.” Failure is just a part of the process, even if it sends your imposter syndrome into overdrive. My advice is to just swallow the fear and do it anyway. Once you start, realize that you’ve already done a lot more than most people do, so you might as well keep going. Book Nook Wishing for more youthful looking skin? Clueless about makeup? Lot’s of clothes but nothing to wear? BEFORE AFTER A skin analysis, collagen facial-cleansing treatments and professional makeup application can instantly make you look and feel years younger. Shopping and pulling together great looks is easy after a professional Color Analysis.. Save time and money! Call TODAY to book your appointment and get $25 Off! 803-599-3169 • Beverly Murphy CAN YOU RELATE TO ANY OF THESE?