Charleston Women Summer 2024

69 | | We are often quick to celebrate women doing incredible things in business. We applaud projects that are finance or power-based – which we absolutely should. It’s amazing to see strong women breaking glass ceilings, excelling in their fields and providing for themselves and their families. However, sometimes more artistic fields can get overlooked. Artists put blood, sweat and tears into their crafts for painstaking years but often receive little in return for their efforts. Yet, everyone loves a great painting, a good book or a beautiful melody. This space was carved out in the magazine to appreciate women in all different branches of the arts. We see this as a platform to promote, celebrate and acknowledge those making the world better in unconventional ways — ways we aren’t always encouraged to pursue, or to only “do on the side.” However, these out-of-the-box masters of creativity are who some of us are born to be. What would the world be without expression of life through visual mediums, poetry, dance, craftsmanship or music? We at Charleston Women Magazine encourage all of our readers to embrace their fellow females who are out there adding color to our lives. This color might be in the form of brush strokes on a canvas, words on a page, melodies in a song or movement in a body. It might be something we haven’t even thought of yet. But whatever it is, it deserves a moment in the spotlight — a moment to inspire, a moment to aspire and a moment to just be admired. Charleston Women in the Arts 26 Windermere Blvd. Charleston, SC • 843-571-7942 DESIGN AND CRAFTSMANSHIP › HIGH END FRAMING Frames Unlimited is a custom frame shop offering a total range of related services. We specialize in archival framing using only the finest conservation quality materials. Using a computerized mat cutter, we can design and execute the most intricate designs.