Charleston Women Summer 2024

63 | | Culturally, food is a big deal. It speaks to where we come from, places we’ve visited, family upbringing and even things we believe in. We break bread in groups — to celebrate, to mourn, to enjoy, to lament. Whatever we do, we do it with food in mind. It is our life source; it is who we are. As Southern women — and not just any Southern women, but Southern women in one of the only two cities in the United States with its own distinctive and recognized native cuisine — food might mean more to us than anyone. That’s why Charleston Women Magazine is committed to sinking both hands into that dough in every issue. We strive to throw a mix of history, local culture, trending recipes, amazing restaurants and trade secrets into the pot throughout various issues. We don’t want to leave any dining experience or palate adventure unexplored. As we take the journey, we invite you, our readers, along for the ride. We want to know what you love to eat, what “little hole in the wall” you’ve found that deserves some love and what recipes you want to share from your own kitchen. What makes your sweet tea or shrimp n’ grits out of this world? Where do you grab grub with the girls or feast with the fam? Is there a female chef out there making culinary creations we’ve yet to sample? Share with us on Facebook or Instagram (@ CharlestonWomen). Bon Appetit! Charleston Women in Food What makes us above average? Some would say it’s the crisp but somehow juicy wings. Some would say it’s the endless flavors. Others might say it’s the options of sides, fish and shrimp. But we know it’s all of it, with the customers we love as the cherry on top. Also, we’re women-owned and women don’t do average. Cakes and Desserts for all occasions weddings • engagement • birthdays • holidays • school events Peanut & Tree Nut Free 631-664-3601 Serving Charleston & surrounding areas