Charleston Women Summer 2024

46 | | Fashion has been celebrated by women since the beginning of time, taking a sharp upward turn during the Gilded Age. During this era, it was evident who was in high society and who was not, based on their wardrobe. It only grew from there, leading up to the more modern era. In the 1950’s, women’s fashion was the straighter and slimmer look of the silhouette. The 1960’s had three major trends: youthful, elegance and space-age influences. The 1970’s were known for being the decade of polyester. The 1980’s were about power dressing. The 1990’s were grunge and casual wear. Now, in 2024, we’ve watched trends transition from skinny jeans and cropped jackets back to styles with length, volume and texture. Strategically tailored and flowing looks are in with summertime at the doorstep. In Charleston, the triple H’s (hazy, hot and humid) play big roles in wardrobe. This can especially be challenging when dressing for business. That’s why Charleston Women has sat down with some of the hottest boutiques in town to talk choosing outfits or clothing combinations that bring out the best in you, while projecting professionalism all summer long. TWO CUMBERLAND Our first recommendation comes from Martha Walters, owner of Two Cumberland, with locations in downtown Charleston and Mount Pleasant. Her advice is to start with dresses. “Dresses are easy to throw on, and they look great with sandals or sneakers,” Walters said. “Dress for success, to me, is dressing so that you feel confident in who you are and how you look while staying comfortable and true to yourself.” A good dress is a great way to accomplish that. If you want to stay trendy, try popular desert colors like burnt sienna, spicy reds and western-themed neutrals. THE COVE Located on Daniel Island, The Cove, owned by Britt Schmidt, has created an intimate boutique full of looks right off the runway. Schmidt believes that having good staple to choose from are keys to success whether you’re going to soccer practice or the office. Those staples are a great white T-shirt that doesn’t disintegrate in the first wash and a good pair of jeans that you can wear to the soccer field. Switching up the shoes and accessories can transition these versatile items from place to place. Having a good blazer is also a must, according to Summer is Hot Business Dress for success BY MAURICE J. FRAZIER Charleston Women in Style Britt Schmidt sits with nice neutrals at The Cove. Hosts of color at FLY Modern Apparel.