Charleston Women Summer 2024

37 | | Home is where the heart is. It sounds trite because it’s been said a million times over. Let’s pretend for a second that we’ve never heard that phrase before and ponder the meaning. Our homes are the places we bring newborn babies to rest their heads, where we fall into bed after a tough day, where we hang pictures of the people who matter most to us and where we cook a family favorite in grandma’s cast-iron skillet. We decorate the walls and the halls, meticulously selecting colors that make us feel at peace. We incorporate family heirlooms that remind us of the place we felt safest and new finds that show us who we aspire to be. Our homes are where we are just us, not any other version. It is where our souls rest, where the heart is indeed. Because of the importance of home life to any woman, Charleston Women aims to showcase aspects of culture, design and domestic life from a host of women across the Lowcountry. Some stories are about tips or tricks, while other stories are simply about a glimpse inside. This is our way of inviting you into the living room, kitchen or sunroom to sit and stay a while. Come have a little visit with us, and discover businesses and personalities in décor, home improvement and so much more. Charleston Women at Home There’s comfort in being anchored! 843-564-7777 female owned & operated