Charleston Women Summer 2024

25 | | When one thinks of finances and the professionals in that line of work, they might be drawn to a picture of Gordon Gekko. A woman in finance might not be the automatic response, but they are certainly impacting and changing the ways the finance community operates today. Teresa Zubrowski of Charleston Accounting and Tax brings insight and clarification to the world of finances — specifically in terms of women. As women, we are natural caregivers and can easily lean on our hearts to guide us. However, when it comes to money, we need to also rely heavily on our heads. “Be aware of everything at all times. Not that we shouldn’t trust our significant others, but unfortunately, divorce, separation and death happen. We have seen over the years, far too many women unaware of how to file taxes, how to close out a business for a spouse, or not realize expenses that were taking place right underneath them.” Financial education can be overwhelming with all the many different matters of money. Educating yourself on where your money is, along with what you will leave behind is crucial. This might mean that it is time to consult a trusted financial advisor. We don’t know what we don’t know, and it is more than okay to reach out for help. Advisors can help grow your finances while keeping you on a healthy track to cover current expenses. Trust the process and be transparent about your starting point. We’re all human and run at a different pace. Finances and money can be intimidating and sometimes it is helpful to have a trusted person to ask questions of and learn from without fear of judgement. Here’s a little starting advice after speaking with Zubrowski. It’s a common misconception that credit cards are evil and should be avoided at all costs. If you can pay the balance in full, opening a credit card (with an annual fee) may be a great course of action. It can help build credit while also giving you perks and kickbacks. However, it is important that we look at and live within our means. It is always nice to have the next best thing, but it might not be financially wise. Trying to keep up with the Jones’ often leads to discontentment, debt and financial burden. Take stock and give gratitude for the things you have and set realistic goals for the things you want. Knowing the difference between the two can be a game changer. As women, we have the power to take control of our financial futures and become educated on protection and provision for what we have earned. Partnering with other women in finance and growing together to become better financially educated and healthy benefits us all. Reach out for help, seek education, grow your money and build for the future with the security that financial freedom can bring. After all, women can do anything — including running and winning in the financial race. Perspectives in the Black and Red BY CARI LAWSON Charleston Women in Business