Charleston Women Summer 2024

16 | | Women looking to break into second careers are finding fresh starts in many fields which they didn’t originally see themselves being part of, but sometimes the second career — the path not taken — turns out to be the much-needed change. Many women are opting for their next acts in technology, education and animal training. While seemingly disparate, these fields share a common thread — they are booming, they provide a relatively easy transition for women looking for a second chance at success and they offer the potential to make a real difference. TECHIn many ways, the tech industry is a haven for individuals seeking growth, innovation and dynamic work environments. Earning relevant certification and attending boot camps can equip women with the many in-demand skills needed to enter the tech world. Whether it’s online marketing, AI research, coding, data analysis or cybersecurity, the options are vast and cater to diverse interests. Skarlet Rockwood is a certified content marketer with over eight years of experience supporting small businesses. She primarily works with service-based businesses seeking to drive growth through online branding, marketing and social media. “After a total of 12 years, I reached a point where my health was no longer able to support a typical 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. schedule. I took Find Your New Career The second act shines BY ISABEL ALVAREZ ARATA Charleston Women in Business