Charleston Women Spring 2024

29 | | /CharlestonWomen Imagine a tablescape of mouthwatering morsels so tempting that guests almost can’t stand the thought of tearing it apart. That is the essence of the perfect grazing table. They’ve become the topic of conversation for many event planners and have inspired a booming industry among those wishing to combine creative instincts with a passion for delectable food. With the help of some industry professionals, we’ve learned a thing or two about how to create our own event-worthy table setting, complete with food almost too pretty to eat. When planning a delightful culinary experience, Jennifer Ford from Curated by Jenny Ford believes it’s always important to choose a theme. While many of our more experienced readers may be of the “go big or go home” mindset, it’s also totally cool to play it safe and start with a modest approach. In our case, and with Ford’s guidance, we opted to explore the latter, creating a hypothetical Lowcountry lady’s luncheon. Alternatives could be a heavier dinner or pasta buffet, lighter fare with basic charcuterie items or even something as fun as a dessert bar or cocktail table. The options are truly endless. Equally as important as the theme is the menu. Keeping in mind that people tend to eat first with their eyes, it’s wise to choose food that is not only tasty but visually appealing. Choosing foods that contrast in color, shape and size plays a role in setting the perfect event table. Above all, the food must be as stimulating in taste as it is in sight. According to Ford, varying depths of flavor and consistency will help develop the style of how and where each menu item is placed, acting as a guide to the overall design. Circling back to our Lowcountry luncheon, we chose to curate a grazing table with small Charleston-vibe bites. Cucumber tea sandwiches and the ever-popular pimento (Palmetto, of course) cheese tea sandwiches were a great place to start. In addition, we added deviled eggs, drizzled with local favorite Red Clay Hot Honey. Accompanying them, you would find bite-sized biscuits from Callie’s Hot Little Biscuit or even tiny toast pieces topped with shrimp and grits. The menu doesn’t stop there. No grazing table is Food That’s Pretty Tasty BY KATIE JAMES Charleston Women in Food A gorgeous board by Mountain Creek Artistry from Lowcountry Boards