Charleston Women Spring 2024

24 | | /CharlestonWomen Christina Coscia of Home Simplified specializes in tailoring services to meet the unique needs of clients seeking to transform their homes. From weekly subscriptions to one-time services, Coscia provides each client with personalized attention to meet their goals. Drawing from her diverse experiences with clients from all backgrounds, this Washington, D.C. native provides a comprehensive range of services, ensuring that no aspect of home enhancement is overlooked. Home Simplified tackles tedious. It takes the stress out of daunting tasks like organizing, downsizing or managing the intricacies of a move. The offerings are far beyond conventional, allowing for personalized concierge services like customized home organization and food and party prep. Services extend as far as personal assisting and handling nagging errands like making returns and donations. Coscia’s commitment goes beyond aesthetics. Her history evolved from being a Le Cordon Bleu pastry chef, to a stay-at-home mom, to the sole provider supporting her children. She even filmed a TV pilot. This journey full of twists and turns is why Coscia brings a unique perspective to her work. Though she embraces all scale home organizing projects, Coscia also lends her expertise to smaller endeavors like interior styling and paint and wallpaper selection. Referred to as the “Goldilocks of the industry,” this renaissance woman goes the extra mile to ensure every space is “just right.” Coscia’s objective is to bring functionality and aesthetic appeal to every client’s space, navigating the fine balance between perfection and personalization. For more information, visit, or call 843-608-9547. Getting Your Space Just Right Home Simplified BY CARI LAWSON Charleston Women at Home Home Organization | Move-In Subscription Services Home Simplified @christina.homesimplified Book Now! (843) 818-3488 “Too little space or too much space to organize, Home Simplified can get it just right!” “Christina helped us immeasurably with our vision for our new house. She has impeccable taste, and she was able to guide us through the many options for furnishings, colors, and textiles.” We get your space just right Christina Coscia, owner