Charleston Women Spring 2023

31 www.Char l e s tonWomenPodcas t . com | www.ReadCW. com | www. Ins t ag ram. com /Char l e s tonWomen Alicia Cates is equally cool and humble — that’s immediately evident. She’s inviting but sure of herself, deep in her element. I feel like she has the power in her case of goops to transform me into whoever I want to become. She looks like she would carry a sword in the black apron around her waist that houses the magic wands (brushes) and bottles of potions. She did say, “I like to create an experience, not simply a beautiful hair and makeup look.” I tend to believe her — she was just so…engaged. Once we began chatting, as she spritzed and spruced the models for this issue’s cover, I found her to be personable and passionate about her craft and clients. This is why photographers, brides and professionals across coastal South Carolina are using her makeup artistry for their events. When a vision is conveyed to Cates, she brings it to life, drawing on the natural canvas each unique person presents in complexion and personality. I was particularly impressed by her ability to understand what couldn’t be put into words and offer ideas based on the mood we hoped to achieve. Photographer Mark Staff said, “I use Alicia because she is reliable and is truly talented. Her work is professional and very clean.” I encourage you, our readers, made up of the professionals, brides-to-be and event-attending women you are, to take a stroll to Cates’ Instagram page (@ marvel_hair_and_makeup) and learn more. Maybe she is the one to bring a little splash of her unicorn sparkle to your next shoot or soirée. Meet Make-up Marvel Alicia Cates BY LORNA HOLL I F IELD Charleston Women in Style Mount Pleasant’s One Stop Shop for Fun and Unique Gifts Thanks to our loyal customers for supporting us this past year! @NELLIEANDLO 976 Houston Northcutt Blvd., Suite B 843.388.5306