Charleston Women Spring 2023

28 www.Char l e s tonWomenPodcas t . com | www.ReadCW. com | www. Ins t ag ram. com /Char l e s tonWomen Rhodes Boutique. This gown would be perfect for a formal summer wedding, an evening event or upscale garden party. It conveys sun, sophistication and Southern charm in one dress. Moreover — though it has an undeniable vintage flair — the dress is so 2023 with the layered materials, generous flowered patterns and tufted sleeves. Rhodes Boutique buyer Wiley Marshall said “We are seeing a lot of yellows and greens, that vital life color. We’re also seeing puff sleeves, cinched waists and ultrafeminine details.” The pastel pink dress from Copper Penny, worn by model Kristin Tufts, is also a great expression of the emerging ruffled hems and delicate, classically-woman hues. This dress chose to forego any print, but presents airs of professionalism — and somehow, manners — in its understated glory that focuses on cut and contours. “A lot of pinks are trending this year. Magenta is the color of the year, but so are all the pinks down to the pastels,” offered owner Penny Vaigneur. “Spring is always super feminine for us; that’s our look, but it’s also everywhere this year. It’s also about dresses, dresses, dresses.” Obviously, Summerville’s Simply Country Chic Boutique agrees. Offering a more everyday look versus formal or semi-formal, they went with a beautiful light purple dress — not pants, not a jumper, not shorts. This frock, more of a sun dress or daytime wear, still has several features in common with its more formal or professional cover-mates. The dress is adorned with a spackled but subtle flower pattern, includes layeredbut-light materials and presents a soft spring color that Charleston Women in Style Model Priscilla Bloedoorn shows off a cocktail/sundress hybrid from Simply Country Chic Boutique. Models wearing looks from Copper Penny, Simply Country Chic Boutique and Rhodes Boutique in moody Azalea Park pose.