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Back on a Roll! THE LOWCOUNTRY HIGHROLLERS ARE GAME ON Strong Leading Ladies In School, After School Spring Soiree Planned? Our Best Tips CHARLESTON Spr i ng 2022

www. Char l es tonWomenPodcas t . com | www. ReadCW. com | www. I ns tagram. com /Char l es tonWomen 1 The women-friendly wing of the Charleston Men's Clinic MEET STACEY MARKOVITZ She is introducing new technology designed to create an optimal version of her patients. Her interest in healthcare technology and love for helping people drove her to find the best ways to apply the applications offered by truSculpt Flex and truSculpt iD to help both women and men tone muscles and erase fat. | 1300 Hospital Drive, Suite 310 Mount Pleasant, SC 29464 | 843-765-4333 Patients at either clinic can be assured of receiving the best care possible. Both clinics are physician-owned by Dr. Markovitz seen here with his team. Dr. Markovitz takes care of all patients while daughter Stacey Markovitz manages the clinics and heads up the new Charleston AESTHETIC Clinic.

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www. Char l es tonWomenPodcas t . com | www. ReadCW. com | www. I ns tagram. com /Char l es tonWomen 4 From The Team...........................................................7 About the Cover........................................................8 8 63 33 25 35 Table of Contents Spring 2022 Features The Lowcountry Highrollers..................................18 Girl Power......................................................................25 Leveling the Field.......................................................31 Sarah Campbell Allan, Charleston’s First Female Doctor.........................33 Meet the Superhero of CCSD Nursing...............35 Dollars and Sense. .....................................................39 PCA Alumni: Where are They Now?....................41 Party Tips for Your Spring Soirée..........................49 Tips For Teaching Kids Financial Literacy.........57 Rosé-All-Day Season is Here..................................63 31 49

www. Char l es tonWomenPodcas t . com | www. ReadCW. com | www. I ns tagram. com /Char l es tonWomen 5 13 43 47 48 Table of Contents Spring 2022 Women in Medicine Charleston Aesthetics Clinic. .........................................11 Women in Real Estate Holly Culp with Culp Real Estate..................................13 Charleston Fine Homes....................................................47 Rebecca Harwood Goode at Coldwell Banker. .......55 Michelle Austin with Carolina One..............................56 Women in Business Kelsey Pettus of CHS Coastal Charcuterie.................43 Susan Matthews at The Matthews Group.................45 Ellen Cole of Baldwin & Associates..............................46 Ivy White of Sewee Dental..............................................48 Lawton Ginn Yon of Magnolia Brides..........................53 Bakies Celebrates One Year in I’On..............................54 Joanne Migliori...................................................................58 Holy City Tennis Shop.......................................................59 Debra Ohstom.....................................................................61 Sandra Patrick at South Carolina C2C.........................62 54 61

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www. Char l es tonWomenPodcas t . com | www. ReadCW. com | www. I ns tagram. com /Char l es tonWomen 7 Spring 2022 INTERIM EDITOR DENISE K. JAMES COPY EDITORS LORNA HOLLIFIELD • SARAH B. MCGUIRE COLIN MCCANDLESS ART DIRECTOR DANA COLEMAN MARKETING CONTENT MANAGER BETHANY LONG AD DESIGNERS KIM HALL REBECCA SOTTILE BETHANY LONG TECHNOLOGY GEORGE CONKLIN BRIAN SMITH GENE PHAN WRITERS ISABEL ALVAREZ ARATA • JOYCE D. BLISS EILEEN CASEY • MARY COY STACY DOMINGO • ALEC GARCIA LORNA HOLLIFIELD • SAMANTHA KRAMER L. C. LEACH III • COLIN MCCANDLESS JANET PERRIGO • GINGER SOTTILE CHRISTINE STEELE • SHERRY WHITING PHOTOGRAPHERS MARK STAFF BRAND AMBASSADOR STACEY MCLOUGHLIN STACEY@MOUNTPLEASANTMAGAZINE.COM INDEPENDENT MEDIA CONSULTANTS ANDY BIMONTE ANDY@MOUNTPLEASANTMAGAZINE.COM MANDY WILLIS MANDY@MOUNTPLEASANTMAGAZINE.COM KATIE FINCH KATIE@MOUNTPLEASANTMAGAZINE.COM ADMINISTRATION & BOOKKEEPING GINGER SOTTILE DISTRIBUTION U.S. POST OFFICE • HARRIS TEETER • PUBLIX • CVS Charleston Women is published locally by a team of independent contractors. Charleston Women is published three times per year by Media Services, Inc. 1013 Chuck Dawley Blvd., Mount Pleasant, SC 29464 Copyright © Media Services 2022. All rights reserved. Reproduction electronically or in print format without the expressed written consent of the publisher is strictly prohibited and a violation of U.S. copyright laws. Inquiries to: Charleston Women P.O. Box 22617, Charleston, SC 29413 For marketing information, email: The great thing about producing a magazine dedicated to women is that we get to watch them move around within their natural habitats. It can become like watching lionesses hunt on the African savanna. By going to where they are, we can truly know them. And there’s lessons, examples and rays of hope in it every time. We watch women fight, we watch them claw out of tight corners and we watch them succeed. As we observe, we learn how they do this, and as you’ll soon find out from the Lowcountry women featured in this issue, one tactic is that they don’t do it alone. They build a pride, and they become a powerhouse of unstoppable females. In this issue, you’ll discover teams of women creating waves bigger than you’ll find at the Folly washout. You’ll get to know a group of everyday women who lace up the skates for roller derby bouts with their teammates to become beasts for two 30-minute periods of painstaking greatness. You’ll learn about the deep roots of women supporting women in learning about our local Girl Scouts. You’ll see all-female Realtor® teams achieving stats that rival any in all of South Carolina. You will see what happens when powerful forces collide in space. That kind of power, set against the backdrop of all that is Charleston — her bones, her history, her resilience — is nothing short of spectacular. You might not see a cloud of electric pink smoke settle over the Charleston Harbor, but we guarantee you’re going to feel it. The Team at Charleston Women From the Team

www. Char l es tonWomenPodcas t . com | www. ReadCW. com | www. I ns tagram. com /Char l es tonWomen 8 I had been going back and forth with the idea of retiring from roller derby. I’ve been playing since 2010, which is a long derby career. The league is skater owned and operated, so everything we do, from fundraising, recruiting and training to putting on the bouts, is done by the players. I am the type of person who puts 100% effort into my interests, but, over time, I started feeling the burnout. However, as I was putting on my uniform and driving to the location for the Charleston Women photoshoot, I felt myself getting excited. I arrived at the site to put on my skates and gear. Then it hit me. I was home. Teammates whom I hadn’t seen in nearly two years started to arrive. We immediately jumped up and gave each other the biggest hugs. Everyone was so excited to put on the skates together again. Throughout the whole shoot, we all loosened up and fell right back into our “derby lives.” It didn’t matter that time had passed. The bond that roller derby creates between teammates is unexplainable. By relying About the Cover BY TRAC I DOUTAZ Welcome Home A Reflection on Skates and Sisterhood on these women, on and off the track, trust is built. The sense of community and empowerment is amazing. All of us are so different and live unique lives, but roller derby gives us a chance to escape our lives and be who we want to be for a while. Contributing to and bettering a team is wonderful, but it also helps us better ourselves. The two hours that we spent together at the photoshoot brought all these feelings back. At the end of the day, the thought of retirement had completely left my mind, replaced by the excitement of the skates and the sisterhood. The past two years were a nice break, but being together with my teammates filled a void that I had been missing. Only a very special camaraderie can do that. It’s a bond that welcomed me home. The ladies responsible for this bond shine on the front cover. All are recognized from left to right. Looking amazing on the cover we have: Leslie Brewer, aka Barbie Hurl; Katherine Bergmann, aka Katalyst; Traci Doutaz, aka Doutaz Mania; Haley Macon, aka Striker; Cantey Spainhour, aka Whiskey Riot; and Jana Nicole LeekOwens, aka Nicky DruBlood, in the very back. Back on a Roll! THE LOWCOUNTRY HIGHROLLERS ARE GAME ON Strong Leading Ladies In School, After School Spring Soiree Planned? Our Best Tips CHARLESTON Spr i ng 2022

www. Char l es tonWomenPodcas t . com | www. ReadCW. com | www. I ns tagram. com /Char l es tonWomen 9 BE SOCIAL • JOIN US READ DIGITALLY AT WWW.READCW.COM WOMEN DOING BUSINESS A TARGETED PRINT AND ONLINE NETWORK For social media reach, internet marketing, print distributio , and content usage contact:

www. Char l es tonWomenPodcas t . com | www. ReadCW. com | www. I ns tagram. com /Char l es tonWomen 10 BEST Pharmacy for YOU. BEST for your PET, too. Fill your prescriptions with the “Best of the Best” and see what a difference a locally owned and locally loved pharmacy can do for you and the entire family. SEASIDE FARMS 1952 Long Grove Dr Suite # 1 Mt Pleasant, SC 29464 843.654.4013 CAROLINA PARK 3485 Park Avenue Blvd Mt. Pleasant, SC 29466 843.800.7007 Expect more from your pharmacy - and get it! Best Pharmacy Best Pet Pharmacy TWO LOCATIONS NEW Seaside Farm Location COMING SOON! 1477 Long Grove Drive

www. Char l es tonWomenPodcas t . com | www. ReadCW. com | www. I ns tagram. com /Char l es tonWomen 11 Have you been thinking about ways to improve your body for summer? The warm summer days are right around the corner, and you might want to have that perfect beach body. With so much modern medicine and technology, your goals aren’t that far out of reach. The Charleston Aesthetics Clinic, the womenfriendly wing of the Charleston Men’s Clinic, is there to support patients on their journey to looking good and feeling good. This new expansion was made by Stacey Markovitz, Charleston Men’s Clinic’s business manager and daughter of Dr. Markovitz, the physician for both clinics. She’s made this addition her own and loves helping patients with new technology that is available. The clinic is unique in the fact that it is physicianowned, which allows patients to feel like their health is in good hands. The clinic prides itself on its concierge level of care. They offer the best technology to tone muscles and erase fat and are a true medical establishment that wants the best for all patients. If it all sounds too good to be true, it’s not – the two machines, truSculpt flex and truSculpt iD, really can work miracles. The truSculpt flex is designed to strengthen, firm and tone muscles. It delivers treatments by replicating intensified crunches, squats and twisting actions. Results have proven to increase an average of 30% muscle mass. Create the optimal version of yourself by using truSculpt flex on your abs, flanks, biceps, quads or thighs. One of the best features of truSculpt is its ability to lift the booty– perfect for bikini season. The other machine, truSculpt iD, works in 15 minutes to eliminate up to 24% fat in the treatment area. The treatment can target all parts of the body such as stomach, arms, chin, muffin tops, thighs or those areas that don’t seem to go away, no matter how much you diet or exercise. This procedure uses Monopolar RF technology to heat fat cells and permanently remove them and can also help with skin tightening. The clinic is the first and only one in the Charleston area to offer treatments with both machines together. The treatments can be performed individually or together, depending on desired results. No matter what your goals are, it’s all a highly efficient process with visible results. For example, many patients go down an entire pant size. One patient was able to pull out his favorite rodeo belt to wear – suddenly, all his pants were too loose. And the good news doesn’t end there. The procedure is fast enough to be done during lunchtime, there’s no surgery involved, it’s not uncomfortable, and there’s no downtime recovery period. This amazing technology has been covered on the pages of the New York Times, Marie Claire and Men’s Journal, plus featured on Access Hollywood and even The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City. It’s the best you can get, and it’s all right here in Charleston at a clinic that values creating a comfortable environment. You’ll be in good hands at Charleston Aesthetics Clinic. Don’t wait to get the body of your dreams. Vacation bodies are created ahead of vacation, so call them today, and ask about the truSculpt flex and truSculpt iD machines. For more information, please visit, or call 843-762-9014. An Efficient Process with Visible Results Visit The Charleston Aesthetics Clinic Photo by Mar k S ta f f . BY SAMANTHA KRAMER

www. Char l es tonWomenPodcas t . com | www. ReadCW. com | www. I ns tagram. com /Char l es tonWomen 12 charlestonluxurygroup 843.270.2586 121 Jakes Lane Mount Pleasant, SC 29464 | $1,690,000 ® 121 Jakes Lane is an exquisite home that has amazing architecture you will be drawn to as soon as you lay eyes on it! An entertainer’s dream with a high end kitchen open to one of the living areas. The oversize butcher block island is the perfect place for friends and family to gather. The home flows from there to the large formal living and dining rooms at the rear of the home. The views from the screen porch over the Rookery Wildlife Refuge are rare in I’on. COMING SOON! 2 ACRE WATERFRONT PROPERTY • MT.PLEASANT •

www. Char l es tonWomenPodcas t . com | www. ReadCW. com | www. I ns tagram. com /Char l es tonWomen 13 When did you decide to get into the business you are in? Almost 20 years ago, I decided I wanted to focus my career in real estate. Since a young age, I have always been drawn to real estate, architecture and interior design. I am so glad I chose the best career for me. It has been rewarding over the years to do something I have passion and love for. How did your business get started? Once I chose real estate as a career, I jumped in with everything I had. I started out small with only a few clients. Over the years, I have grown my business into one of the top-producing in the Charleston area. My overall sales volume ranks in the top 3% of all time in Charleston, and my business is thriving. How did you find your passion? As a child, we moved a lot, and we lived in many different homes. I started to pay attention at a young age to different types of homes. I learned about architecture and design from so many different areas. We even lived in Amsterdam for a few years. My passion for real estate really developed through my travels. Have you encountered challenges as a business owner? I would say right now we are facing a real challenge in our industry. We only have just over 1,000 homes actively for sale, and we had more than 6,000 just a couple of years ago. Imagine being a first-time home buyer, and every time you put in a contract, you are outbid by an all-cash investor. It is very challenging finding homes for buyers right now. The good news is I have to think outside of the box most times, but I am getting it done for my buyers. What or who inspires you? What inspires me is taking on the responsibility of handling what will be some clients’ biggest purchase of their lives. The fact they fully trust me to guide them through this venture is amazing. I really love watching some of the renovations and building projects that I have been involved with. People are really pushing boundaries these days and doing some really cool things. Tell us how you grew up and how it shaped you into the woman you are today. I was taught early on to approach things with integrity. What that means for me is hard work, honesty and passion. If you treat people right and always do what you say you will do, it really leads to strong, lasting relationships that last a lifetime, and people know they can fully trust you. Give us some success tips to someone starting out in your industry. I would say someone starting in this industry should first concentrate on relationships. You want people to have confidence in you, and you have to establish that trust over time. Make as many strong relationships as you can, and the referrals will come. If people really really love what you do, they will tell people about you. Word of mouth still exists in the internet age. Holly Culp Culp Real Estate Group 843-270-2586

www. Char l es tonWomenPodcas t . com | www. ReadCW. com | www. I ns tagram. com /Char l es tonWomen 14 Katherine Cox Kendall Koste Melissa Stafford For marketing and distribution for Charleston Woman Magazine call 917-208-5633 or Local Real Estate Resource 843-568-3193 Born and raised in Charleston, Katherine Cox is well-versed on every nook and cranny of this unique town. From schools to subdivisions, she has a wealth of knowledge, having personally watched the area grow and change over the years. Katherine’s roots are grounded in the Lowcountry, and she is committed to educating future buyers on every aspect of life here in the Holy City. Katherine is passionate about serving her buyers and sellers by making their transactions as smooth as possible. Kendall Koste has led an impressive career as a real estate agent in her 12 years working in the industry. As part of the Katherine Cox + Co team, she was awarded a Realtor of Distinction in 2020 and 2021. Kendall works hard to rank in the top 10% of the MLS since she has started her real estate career. She finds joy in helping her clients dreams come true and making the process as fun and seamless as possible. As a Charleston native, Melissa Stafford is truly invested in the community. Her extensive knowledge of the area is a valuable asset to her clients. With a background in interior design and passion for real estate, she is highly skilled in helping her clients envision the potential for what could be. Melissa’s knowledge of real estate, interior design and architecture have helped position her as a highly soughtafter agent, offering clients her experience in the field while giving them an outstanding level of service. Real estate transactions can be stressful, and these knowledgeable Charleston professionals understand how to successfully support you through the process. Connect. Communicate. Close. 843-814-3346 843-270-5899

www. Char l es tonWomenPodcas t . com | www. ReadCW. com | www. I ns tagram. com /Char l es tonWomen 15 Sarah Henderson MandyLeBlancManchester Mariah Ola Local Real Estate Resource 843-708-5098 Sarah Henderson has practiced real estate since 2012. While attending College of Charleston, she developed a great love and appreciation for the beautiful tri-county area. She enjoys real estate because it gives her the opportunity to give clients the service they deserve, to relieve anxieties and guide them through the process. Sarah works hard to first understand each client’s wants, needs and goals in life. Whether it is selecting a new home or deciding to sell your current one, Sarah would be delighted to help you. Mandy LeBlanc Manchester became a licensed Realtor in 2004 and quickly earned recognition, including Rookie of the Year and Top Producer. She holds four additional professional designations of excellence from the National Association of Realtors. She grew up in South Louisiana as one of six children, raised in a family of multigenerational attorneys and real estate developers. Mandy and her family have called the greater Charleston area home for nearly a decade now, and she would love to help you find the perfect home for your family. Mariah Ola proudly joined Coldwell Banker Realty in 2021. Helping others has always been a passion for her, whether it’s helping clients find their forever home, a starter home, retirement home or investment property. With a background in customer service, she takes pride in providing the best experience possible to her clients, striving for a smooth transaction every step of the way. Mariah especially enjoys listing properties, which allows her to create a customized marketing plan to serve her clients. Real estate transactions can be stressful, and these knowledgeable Charleston professionals understand how to successfully support you through the process. Connect. Communicate. Close. 843-822-1681 910-523-3614 For marketing and distribution for Charleston Woman Magazine call 917-208-5633 or

www. Char l es tonWomenPodcas t . com | www. ReadCW. com | www. I ns tagram. com /Char l es tonWomen 16 Victoria Kiarsis Taylor Arent Jen Sandie Local Real Estate Resource 914-708-9698 Victoria Kiarsis has been in real estate since 2021, but she grew up with a mother who has owned an interior design business for 40-plus years, as well as a sister who has worked in real estate for 10-plus years. She is also a cast member on “Million Dollar Listing.” Because of her upbringing and her love of helping others, Victoria is well-suited for the world of real estate. Her favorite part is working one-onone with clients and learning about their needs and wants in the buying and selling process. Taylor Arent, a Charleston native, became a licensed Realtor in 2021. She graduated magna cum laude a year early from the University of South Carolina with a bachelor of science in business administration. Taylor comes from a family with a very successful background in real estate, which sparked her passion for the industry. Her knowledge and passion for the community, paired with her business administration skills, allow her to connect with clients and meet them where they are to address their needs. As an experienced administrator, Jen brings organization and operation management to Katherine Cox + Co. She works behind the scenes to make sure the team is running smoothly while keeping things on track in order to hit company goals. Prior to working in the real estate world, Jen worked in the nonprofit industry for eight years in multiple administrative roles. She made the move to real estate in 2016 and swiftly developed a love for the industry. Real estate transactions can be stressful, and these knowledgeable Charleston professionals understand how to successfully support you through the process. Connect. Communicate. Close. 843-202-9108 865-919-4013 For marketing and distribution for Charleston Woman Magazine call 917-208-5633 or

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www. Char l es tonWomenPodcas t . com | www. ReadCW. com | www. I ns tagram. com /Char l es tonWomen ARevolution on Roller Skates From left to right: Haley Macon (kneeling), Leslie Brewer, Traci Doutaz, Cantey Spainhour, Jana Nicole Leek-Owens, Joanne Taylor, Lauren Emerson, Kelsea McGrogan (sitting), Katherine Bergmann Photo by Mar k S ta f f Photo.

www. Char l es tonWomenPodcas t . com | www. ReadCW. com | www. I ns tagram. com /Char l es tonWomen BY I SABEL ALVAREZ ARATA Roller derby dates back to the 1930s, but the sport had its heyday in the 1950s and 60s as one of the most-watched events on television. At its origins, roller derby for men and women resembled a marathon more than a tournament. It was solely for entertainment and a spectacle, with much of the interaction between skaters reportedly staged. The sport lost its novelty in the 1970s and was all but extinct until a group of women in Austin, Texas decided to revive roller derby in the early 2000s. The women were looking for a sport they could make their own, a way to celebrate women and strength. Today, roller derby is an international sport known for its intensity, fierce competition and female empowerment. The Lowcountry Highrollers got their start in Charleston in 2008. Current President Traci Doutaz was a skating car-hop at Sonic in 2012 when a friend suggested she try out for roller derby. “I had never seen or heard about it, so I went to my first game to watch,” said Doutaz, also known by her derby name Doutaz Mania, or #859. “I was instantly hooked. I have always loved skating and was involved in competitive sports, so it was perfect for me,” she recounted. Not all members of the Lowcountry Highrollers grew The Lowcountry Highrollers are Ready to Play Photo prov i ded. Photo prov i ded. Photo prov i ded. Photo prov i ded.

www. Char l es tonWomenPodcas t . com | www. ReadCW. com | www. I ns tagram. com /Char l es tonWomen Insu ri ng the Lowcou ntry Si nce 1983 Committed to the Highest Standard of Integrity and Professionalism. 1312 Bowman Rd, Mt Pleasant, SC | 843.881.4707 | HOMEOWNERS • AUTO • FLOOD • LIFE • BUSINESS

www. Char l es tonWomenPodcas t . com | www. ReadCW. com | www. I ns tagram. com /Char l es tonWomen up skating or particularly athletic. Many haven’t skated for years before becoming “fresh meat,” the term given to new members. “That’s what makes roller derby such a great sport,” asserted Doutaz. “Women just have to be at least 18 years old and able to put on skates to join our team.” The Lowcountry Highrollers train all recruits to skate, block opponents from passing, check opponents to make way for their team and even how to safely fall and get back up when taking a hit. Slowly but surely, they watch as “freshies” grow in confidence, strength and ferocity. Many of the members of the Lowcountry Highrollers are moms who found their way to roller derby when looking for a break from the demands of work and motherhood. “After years of focusing only on my family and career, I was looking for an outlet,” admitted Katherine Bergmann, a 40-year-old senior communications manager who goes by Kat Katalyst, or #22, on the track. “I was never really into the traditional workout and found out about roller derby by chance meeting at a friend’s birthday party. I showed up for practice and was hooked! Initially, I had some mom guilt, but it didn’t take long to realize that taking a few days a week to focus on filling my cup was good for the whole family. What started as a fun way to stay in shape and meet new people quickly evolved into a passion for skating and a love of healthy competition,” she said. Women of all ages, backgrounds and professions are feature Photo prov i ded. Photo prov i ded.

www. Char l es tonWomenPodcas t . com | www. ReadCW. com | www. I ns tagram. com /Char l es tonWomen drawn to the sport because it allows them to let their hair down, so to speak. Derby girls often develop an alter ego with a specific derby name, which allows them to disconnect from their day-to-day responsibilities to practice with the team, serve on committees that keep the team organized and funded and play bouts, or games, against other derby teams. Before the pandemic, the Lowcountry Highrollers feature Photo prov i ded. Golf Car Sales, Service and Rentals | 843-972-8525 | | 857 Coleman Blvd., Unit E Mt. Pleasant, SC 29464 (behind REV Financial) Rad Rydz Golf Cart Sales and Service Would Like to Thank You for Voting Us One of the Best 2 Years In a Row @RadRydz

www. Char l es tonWomenPodcas t . com | www. ReadCW. com | www. I ns tagram. com /Char l es tonWomen traveled across South Carolina, to neighboring states and even to California for bouts. They are excited to get the team back together since the Women’s Flat Track Derby Association (WFTDA), the sport’s governing body, has allowed them to resume practice. Their priority is to rebuild after an almost two-year absence. They are in the process of recruiting new members and training for their first bout once the whistle blows in 2023. Katie Knoll is 39 and known as Detroit Funk, or #313. She moved to Charleston from Detroit in 2008 for an electrical engineering position and warmer weather. She rented a place a block from the beach, and her roommate turned out to be one of the original members of the Lowcountry Highrollers. Knoll grew up figure skating and jumped at the opportunity to learn more about the team. “Skating comes naturally to me, and the strategy of the game captivates me,” she said. “The friendships I’ve made, adventures with the team and the strong amazing women I’ve met throughout the years have kept me committed to the sport and the team. I’m a lifer!” Roller derby is, in many ways, unique and revolutionary. The sport prides itself on staying in the fray and outside the play-it-safe mainstream. Roller derby is radical, intense and loud in every sense of the word. No other women’s sport is growing and gaining notoriety as quickly as roller derby, even amid a pandemic. From allowing players to choose “boutfits” that reflect their personalities to creating an environment that accepts all women equally, roller derby is said to be for “every body.” Team members are urged to come as they are, push their limits, embrace their power and partake in a sisterhood that lifts each other up both on and off the track. It’s hard to think of a sport that showcases athleticism, self-love and inclusion any better. Follow The Lowcountry Highrollers on Facebook to learn more about the team and how to join. feature Photo prov i ded. 921-A Houston Northcutt Blvd. Mt. Pleasant, SC•Next to Whole Foods 843.881.7073 • Largest Selection of Barstools in the Lowcountry! SHOP LOCAL We carry unusual heights. We also carry Tables, Chairs and More.

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www. Char l es tonWomenPodcas t . com | www. ReadCW. com | www. I ns tagram. com /Char l es tonWomen Most people know Girl Scouts as the purveyors of delicious cookies. And they are. But there’s a whole lot more going on behind that box of delicious treats. “We are a leadership development organization,” explained Diane Flanagan, CEO of Girl Scouts of Eastern South Carolina. “People think we’re doing crafts and selling cookies. They don’t realize all of the other activities the girls are involved in and how they grow and mature and become so confident through Girl Scouts.” One of the ways the girls grow, Flanagan said, is by learning to lead. “Everything is girl-led. It’s not the leaders telling them what they’re going to do. The girls decide what they want BY CHR I ST I NE STEELE Girl Power! CEOs inTraining: The Girl Scouts are Building the Leaders of Tomorrow

www. Char l es tonWomenPodcas t . com | www. ReadCW. com | www. I ns tagram. com /Char l es tonWomen to work on, what’s interesting to them and what they want to learn that year. The leader’s job is to be the caring adult that facilitates the girl-led programs.” Helping the environment, combating bullying and modeling healthy relationships are just a few of the causes important to these budding leaders. Every year, the troop donates some of the money they earn from cookie sales to different causes important to them. This year, for example, one Mount Pleasant troop is donating $1,000 to the homeless shelter and $1,000 to the aquarium. “We all voted,” said Mount Pleasant Girl Scout Brooklyn Stafford, age 10. “We all said what we wanted to do, and then we all voted. Whoever got the most votes, that’s how we decided.” “When the girls make those decisions they’re learning to lead, sometimes for the first time in their lives,” noted Flanagan. “They are making decisions for their troop and for themselves.” In addition to selling cookies, enjoying campouts and crafting, the girls learn about civics and government, all the way from the local level to the statehouse. “We recently toured Mount Pleasant Town Hall and had 100 Girl Scouts take part in different activities there,” said Mount Pleasant Troop Leader Tanya Staubb, a former Girl Scout who now co-leads a troop that includes her daughter. “They all got to go into the mayor’s office. They were very impressed by that,” she said. “And we do lots of community service in the Mount Pleasant area.” Older girls can participate in a program that allows them to be a page for the House of Representatives and Senate at the State House in Columbia, said Flanagan. A partnership with the Citadel introduces girls to engineering through a STEM program, and even those cookie sales have a dual purpose. “The girls are learning to run a business for the first time,” remarked Flanagan. “They are managing inventory and they have to figure out the mix. There’s eight different varieties of cookies, and they know what sells better than the other.” For their efforts, the girls can earn big prizes. Last year, Scouts who sold 3,000 boxes of cookies got to go on a fully-paid trip to the Bahamas. Brooklyn was one of those girls. This year, she is aiming to double her sales and earn a cruise to Cozumel and a week in New York City. In between, she and her mom Elizabeth Di ane Fl anagan feature Come and grow with us! Veris CPA voted BEST Place to Work! ® Our firm is growing and we are looking to add more exceptional teammembers! Small firm environment with large firm benefits. Join our family-like environment! Mount Pleasant Summerville West Ashley • Competitive salary • Telework available • Unlimited PTO • Fortune 500 benefits POSITIONS AVAILABLE Bookkeeper Controller Receptionist Tax Manager Apply now! ACCOUNTING | TAX | AUDIT OUTSOURCED CFO | BUSINESS ADVISOR • Career/life balance • Celebrations/volunteering • CPA Exam Benefits • Cross-training in all areas

www. Char l es tonWomenPodcas t . com | www. ReadCW. com | www. I ns tagram. com /Char l es tonWomen will be hiking the Appalachian Trail. And if 6,000 boxes of cookies sound like a lot, that’s nothing. “Our girls will sell a million boxes of cookies this year!” beamed Flanagan. With new flavors like the brownie-inspired Adventurefuls with caramel crème and sea salt; the gluten-free Caramel Chocolate Chips; and the tried-and-true Thin Mints and Caramel Delights, all with the same low price of $4 a box, one can see why a million boxes is possible. But the girls don’t have to be a top seller to earn prizes. For just 1,100 boxes, they can earn a free week at Camp Sandy Ridge, the 400-acre camp in Bennettsville, South Carolina with a lake, zip line, swimming pool and more. “Camp is a life-changing experience for most girls,” said Flanagan. “And we draw new girls to Scouts through camp. We price our camp at our cost—under $400 for a week, including housing, food, programs and instruction — and we have a financial aid program.” In addition to on-site camp adventures like hiking, swimming and zip lining, the troops also take adventure trips to go whitewater rafting in neighboring North Carolina, or on a llama trek. “Girl Scouts is this great sisterhood for a lot of girls,” said Flanagan. “It’s where they form their closest friendships. It’s a place for girls to learn about and try different things in a safe, supportive environment.” The experience helps shape young Scouts into confident young feature Tracey Hughes , t roop 387 l eader, and Di ane Fl anagan . A Women’s Gentle Touch Dr. Kari Ryan and Dr. Kristi Dillard Call today or visit our website to request an appointment! 843.881.1638 815 Lowcountry Blvd., Mt Pleasant, SC 29464 VOTED THE BEST HAIR SALON! @vanitysalonsc (843) 216-7181 1909 HWY 17 N. Suite T Mount Pleasant, SC (843) 571-1945 2875 Ashley River Rd. Charleston, SC › Spray Tan › Extensions › Balayage › Brazilian Blowout

www. Char l es tonWomenPodcas t . com | www. ReadCW. com | www. I ns tagram. com /Char l es tonWomen women as they begin to reach adulthood. “You do see the progression as they grow,” said Staubb, who has been leading a troop of girls for more than 10 years — since her now high school-aged daughter was in kindergarten. “Sometimes they come up with things that wouldn’t have occurred to me, like touring the coroner’s office,” she added. “We do an enormous range of activities, everything from hosting a book drive to kayaking to an island and camping overnight. The girls get to have this wide range of experiences with this close-knit group of girls. And the longer you stay in Scouts, the more adventures you can have.” “We’re teaching each girl to lead her life, lead a business or lead her family,” Flanagan said. “Whatever it is she wants to lead, she does it with more confidence than she did before.” By the Numbers Girl Scouts of Eastern South Carolina Coverage area: 15,000 square miles, 21 counties Girl Scouts Post-pandemic: 3,800 girls (pre-pandemic 5,600 girls) Volunteers Post-pandemic: 1,600 amazing volunteers feature 843-971-6701 or Contact our planners to get you started Family Style Meals - Private Events - Corporate Catering & Events - Weddings

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www. Char l es tonWomenPodcas t . com | www. ReadCW. com | www. I ns tagram. com /Char l es tonWomen For as long as I can remember, my daughter Julia has been running. She started when she was 5, jogging smartly next to me on the long, wide streets in our neighborhood in Brooklyn. Soon after, she started to enter races and began winning. Neither of us ever thought her steps would translate into words on a page. When the pandemic hit and schools were initially closed, Julia, a seventh grader at Laing Middle School, and I decided to start a writing project. She had always enjoyed writing as a creative outlet. We really wanted to write a story where we could alternate chapters told from our own points of view, but we eventually settled on a fictional story about a fifth grader, new to coastal South Carolina, who joins a running club. We called it “TURTLE.” We sat down together and outlined a basic story, with a main character that was loosely based on her own experiences. We had collected so many stories about running, meets, coaches and team interactions over the years that the pages really wrote themselves. We had moved to Mount Pleasant four years ago, so it was also fun to write about being a new kid in school because that was still a vivid memory for her. As much as this is a middle grade sports fiction book, it is also a story about Mount Pleasant — called North Point in the book, one of the original names for the area. You might recognize landmarks, schools, and, of course, the very distinct way of life that we are fortunate to now call part of our own story too. In “TURTLE,” the main character, Emma Jackson, finds her self-worth on the track. She initially gets sidetracked by the wrong set of friends but eventually realizes her strength on the track, her track sisters by her side. The book was cathartic to write for many reasons, but unknown to us in the beginning, it became a great platform to inform, educate and inspire. By adding practical information about aspects of running, the book took on a new dimension. We decided to make it the first in a series we call “Run Like A Girl.” The series will not only entertain readers with Emma’s running journey, but also identify and tackle the tough hurdles female athletes encounter: mental challenges, physical setbacks of a changing body and social distractions. The reality is that by the age of 14, girls traditionally drop out of sports at twice the rate of boys, according to the Women’s Sports Foundation. The “Run Like A Girl” series is a challenge to all female athletes to stick with it. BY PAMELA JOUAN Leveling the Field New Locally Written Book Inspires Female Athletes feature The author and her daughter Ju l i a .

www. Char l es tonWomenPodcas t . com | www. ReadCW. com | www. I ns tagram. com /Char l es tonWomen “TURTLE” takes a first step to address the stigma of girls in sports by first planting a seed about what team running can offer them: confidence, leadership, community, purpose, self-discipline and a realization that running like a girl is something to aspire to. We dedicated this book to Coach Tami Dennis of Mount Pleasant Track Club, who is a huge inspiration for the book — and, spoiler alert, a main “fictionalized” character. We also decided to kick off the book launch with a fundraiser for Julia’s team. We raised $1,000 to offset travel costs for female athletes. On the heels of that, we connected with Girls on the Run, an organization that helps girls identify their inner strength. In February, we held a book signing event at Athleta in Mount Pleasant Towne Centre for their benefit. We are also in the process of reaching out to track clubs everywhere to set up similar fundraisers. The goal is to help level the playing field for girls and have these efforts directly benefit them, whether paying for booster fees, a new pair of running shoes or a uniform. Writing a book never felt so right, especially since my daughter and I got to be on the same page about a subject we are passionate about. For more information about Pamela Jouan-Goldman and Julia Goldman, go to feature Volunteer to tutor a Lowcountry student this school year! Make an impact this year and beyond by singing up to be literacy mentor today! “Spending time with my reading partner was the best hour of my week!” -Karen, former Reading Partners tutor VISIT WWW.READINGPARTNERS.ORG OR CALL 843-860-3915 TO LEARN MORE No teaching experience is required! Our easy-to-follow curriculum guides you through lessons for young learners. Just one hour a week! Make a difference for a young reader by volunteering just one hour a week. Our staff is here to help! We provide support, training,

www. Char l es tonWomenPodcas t . com | www. ReadCW. com | www. I ns tagram. com /Char l es tonWomen In today’s world, we sometimes take it for granted that women hold jobs in fields that were once male-dominated. For centuries, pursuing their life’s ambitions was a right most women were denied. And until 100 years ago, women were even denied the right to vote or to attend the same colleges as men. A lot has changed. Most Americans today don’t think twice about women in fields such as engineering, construction, law and medicine. In fact, most of us will be treated by a female doctor at some point in our lives. So, who was the first Charleston woman to blaze that trail? Sarah Campbell Allan was born in 1861, eight months into the Civil War. She grew up as a child of privilege but, as an adult, was denied admission to the College of Charleston because it was an all-male institution at the time. Instead, she attended Charleston Female Seminary, an elite private school located on St. Philip Street, just around the corner from the college. Its founder, Henrietta Aiken Kelly, established the school after her own attempts to gain admission for women to the College of Charleston had failed. Allan went on to study premedical training at the all-female Columbia College in the state capital. She graduated in 1894 from the Women’s Medical College BY MARY COY A Physician and a Pioneer Sarah Campbell Allan, Charleston’s First Female Doctor feature

www. Char l es tonWomenPodcas t . com | www. ReadCW. com | www. I ns tagram. com /Char l es tonWomen program at the New York Infirmary for Women and Children, an institution founded by America’s first female physician, Elizabeth Blackwell. The following year, Allan held a residency in the psychiatric clinic at Johns Hopkins Hospital before coming home to take South Carolina’s first ever medical board exam. She was the only woman to sit for the exam and scored the highest grade of the 14 candidates taking the test, becoming the first female licensed physician in South Carolina. In 1895, the governor offered Dr. Allan a fulltime position at the state’s Hospital for the Insane, in Columbia. There she treated female patients while also teaching physiology and anatomy to nursing students. After 11 years, she returned to Charleston to care for her ailing father until his death. In Charleston, Dr. Allan occasionally consulted on psychiatric cases, although she never established a practice in the Holy City. She made her mark on history by following her dream, proving the potential and contribution of women in the medical field. The Medical University of South Carolina holds Dr. Allan’s papers, photographs and scrapbooks at its Waring Historical Library. Dr. Allan died in 1954 and is buried at Magnolia Cemetery. feature Shoe Store Expert Fitters Dance & Gymnastics Favorite Brands Girls 7-16 & Jr’s Boys 8-20 Tween & Teen Newborn to size 7 Children’s Boutique Gifts & Accessories Loyalty Program The Common • 210 Coleman Blvd., Mt. Pleasant • 843-884-4814 Whether you’re a trendsetter, preppy, traditional, or loving the European flare, we have the perfect outfits for your children. @RagamuffinChildrensBoutique @Strideritemountpleasant @Radical RagsTweenShop Dressing Children in the Best fromHead to Toe, Tiny to Teen for 67 years in the Lowcountry! Easter | Special Occasion | Monogram | Shoes | Swimwear | Dance | Voted #1 Children’s Boutique Spring Has Sprung! Spring Has Sprung!

www. Char l es tonWomenPodcas t . com | www. ReadCW. com | www. I ns tagram. com /Char l es tonWomen The pandemic has changed lives around the world and put those in the medical field in the spotlight. Ellen Nitz knows this firsthand due to her work with the Charleston County School District as Director of Nursing Services. Because of COVID-19, Nitz doesn’t just have the role of director; she is also the spokesperson for the media. This isn’t a typical task for a nurse director, but Nitz has seamlessly taken on this role and is happy to speak about her work with CCSD. Growing up, Nitz lived all over the country — her dad was in sales. “He was good at it, too,” she commented, explaining it was the reason for the frequent moves. Because of all those occasions starting over, she feels she “has never known a stranger.” She now calls Charleston home and has been with the CCSD since 2007. Nitz worked in various medical jobs before she landed her current position BY SAMANTHA KRAMER Meet the Superhero of CCSD Nursing Ellen Nitz